Writing Samples

From a very early age I was blessed with supportive parents that believed literacy was the key to a strong future. As such, I was always reading. Once those paperback books started stacking up open on top of each other, pen and paper became my weapons of choice. I’ve amassed a personal library of short stories and novellas, as well as screenplays for short films and feature length projects.

Remember, a good writer reads twice as much as they write. Or at least that’s what I’m convinced of. (Since we’re on the subject, visit my GoodReads profile!)

Below are samples from various screenplays and short stories. Check back occasionally for new content. I’ll be uploading more soon, once I finish reading this book sitting next to me. Oh, and the other book under it…


  • The First Wish (full)
    A viking warrior meets a witch deep in a forest, and poor choices are made.
  • Jackal (full)
    A woman turns to evil as her life is beset by loss and struggle during the apocalypse.
  • The Furnace (full)
    An unlikely band of outcasts do well together as they survive the end of the world. (Written as a “proof of concept trailer” for a zombie film festival. )
  • Day 7 (sample)
    Original story by Rick Lovett, this short horror film is a cross between Memento and Basketball Diaries as an addict tries to clean up his act as an alien terrorizes him.
  • The Carnival at Midnight (sample)
    Murderous brothers run away and join the circus as a vengeful spirit chases them.

Short Stories