Script Services

scripteditingWriters! Frustrated with your script or screenplay?

The most important part of a successful movie is the script. It’s hard enough out there with all of the competition, but you’ll never have your project taken seriously unless you present it properly. One spelling or grammar mistake and your script will most likely be immediately rejected.

You need the right font size, format, and margins; all done to exacting industry standards. I know the secret language of screenplays, and I can help your script or screenplay avoid the trash bin by making sure it follows Hollywood’s method.

I also offer proofreading, copy editing, and line editing services. Samples of my work can be found with a link to this script, and a link to this one.


A woman turns to evil as her life is beset by loss and struggle.

The Furnace

An unlikely band of outcasts do well together as they survive the end of the world.

Day 7

An addict tries to clean up his act as an alien terrorizes him.

The price? One dollar per page. Also, for a limited time, any writer who hires me to work on a script that is longer than 50 pages will receive a FREE* email where I will send you constructive criticism in regards to your project (also known as “line editing”.) This is your chance to go beyond the correction of just syntax and technical mistakes; this is where your story is checked for inconsistencies, redundancies, and continuity.

Stuck on your screenplay? Do you feel it’s missing something? Need honest feedback? It’s waiting for you right now.

Lastly, I also offer story-to-screenplay rewriting, but that’s a whole different story. Send me an email via the contact form down below and I’ll answer all your questions.

*Warning. My offer for a free line edit is only for a limited time only. Sorry but if I become too busy to offer this service for free, I’m going to have to go back to charging full price again. Better act fast!