Bad Seed FX Update


I’ve been pretty busy recently on and off set, but today I found some time to update my website. I added a few photos from my time as a make-up artist at Nightmare’s Gate last year, and I also included a picture taken at the Days of the Dead: Atlanta FX Competition, where I got to judge alongside legends like the artist Chris Black, as well as horror film icons P.J. Soles and C.J. Graham.


Be a Hero (Horror PSA)

Near the beginning of November of last year, I was honoured with the opportunity to once again work with one of my favourite people in our industry, Vanessa Ionta Wright, on the set of a PSA spearheaded by world famous twin horror icons, Jen and Sylvia Soska, to raise awareness of our country’s need for blood donations.

It was a long day full of fun and excitement, and I felt like I was extending Haunt season just a little bit because I was in my element as one of the Art PAs. I helped decorate the set and make it look like a terrible explosion happened, and I was also able to fabricate the hero prop and run the foggers for the shoot.

Look out below! Just in time to wrap up February which I like to call “Women in Horror Month” here in my house.

In the meantime, since we’re on the subject, please donate blood. #BeAHero

Then click the “read more” button right here to check out a copy of the film poster, which would look pretty awesome on the background of your fancy little smart phone, right?

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Nightmare’s Gate 2017

I’m a little late with this, but I wanted to talk about one of the greatest awards I’ve ever received. It all started with me signing up for a second year with Nightmare’s Gate.

A few months later I’m exhausted, bruised, semi-permanently stained with red dye #5 and diesel fuel. I’m also honoured with the reward for “Actor of the Year.”


I want to give a huge thank you to the entire cast and crew of that show. I only ended up earning that award because they were so amazing at what they do, I had to up my game. Each night they motivated me to reach farther, try harder, and be a little more sick in the head and terrible in the mouth. (Sorry for cursing around all those kids, but hey being an Evil Clown is a rough form of art.)

Without them I’d be only me.

Well… I’d also be tazed to death for being the only guy working a big giant haunted house, and I’m sure the local cops wouldn’t be too keen on that, yeah?

2nd Place People’s Choice Win


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Below is the official announcement attached to our win this year. This was my third year of entering the competition, and this year I assembled a team of very talented people to help me see my vision come to life. They nailed my expectations beyond my imagining. I’m honoured to be in their presence and I’m blessed by their dedication.

Cassie, Mistie, Natalia, Mary Jane, and Kim, thank you for everything!

“First off, a MASSIVE thank you to all models, make-up artists and photographers who participated in the 5th annual Atlanta ZOMBIE PIN-UP Contest. Overall, we had 52 entries this year!”

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