On Making Monsters



Speaking of mailing lists, if you’re a member of mine, you would’ve gotten the exclusive first look at the new page here on my website. However, it’s now been made public, so feel free to come check out my latest portfolio. Feast your eyes on my special effects makeup gallery. Just don’t… feast on eyes, because that’s weird and gross.

Time to Wake Up and Start Dreaming

From birth forward I was surrounded by my father’s love of all things fantasy and sci-fi. Raised around stacks of OMNI, Analog Science Fiction and Fact, and even Heavy Metal (Metal Hurlant if you want to be a purist about it), I had always known a world full of strange aliens, alternate dimensions, and a fiction that vibrated with imagination. No matter how fantastical the worlds, no matter how magical the science, one thing always remained. Heart. Speculative fiction wasn’t just about techno-fetish or about word count, it was about the human condition. Conflict, growth, and victory. Always vesselled in wonder, but at its core it was us. No matter the time, no matter the distance, it was always about us. Which is the reason why sci-fi and fantasy has always been popular, and how it has continued to grow over our history. Shockingly, in some cosmic accident, I am now a part of shaping that history. Now I find myself back into it, this time from the other side of the desk.

This week I was awarded the title of “Editor-in-Chief” for the publication Beyond Fantasy. Blessed with the chance, and honoured by the opportunity. I am intimidated by the footsteps of those who came before me, and I do love a challenge.

As a child I had always dreamed about the future. Now the future is here, and now I am an adult. Suddenly it’s my turn to do the same thing for the next generation. As I was inspired, now I get to inspire. I get to pay it back, by paying it forward. It’s a big beautiful universe out there, and now I get to play tour guide. Hundreds of writers, artists, and designers have filled my tiny little mammal brain with such grand and amazing visions. The head is a garden, and we’re ready to harvest. I am thankful for all who came before me, I sincerely hope I can keep up. I have a legacy to maintain.

The dream has come true; time to make new dreams.

Happy Crystal Anniversary!

Today is the 15th ‘birthday’ of my life as a webmaster/designer. It all started with a pirated copy of Photoshop 4.0, a server sitting in someone’s living room, and a horrific use of neon colours on a black background. I was heavily influenced by the BBSes I was used to, and being lost out in the wild west frontier of the web 1.0, I was heavily influenced by anime fan sites and E/N blogs. I miss those days of E/N, and I’m still a little bitter they ended up being called blogs. But that’s how things have come and gone. I’ve watched this thing grow like a wildfire, I watched the dotcom bubble burst, and I’ve seen the birth of web 2.0. I’ve seen a lot, and I’m glad I’ve been a small part of it.

Wish I could have my small fonts and scan-lines back though.

Anyways, I lucked out being there for the beginning of the internet, and I’ve gotten to watch how it’s changed the world. I’ve also seen how the world has changed it as well. I can’t imagine what’s next, but I also can’t imagine not being a part of it.

It’s been a wild ride. Here’s to the future!

Hello World v.3!

After 5 years of blogging on my own website*, I recently lost my database. There is no recovering. I lost everything. The custom design, the apps and widgets, and all of my pages and my galleries. A few hundred hours and years of contributions are now lost forever. Pretty catastrophic. But then again, that sort of thing never stops me.

Currently re-building from zero. I’ll post as it happens, sign up for the feed if you’d like to keep track.

Thanks, love you all.

*I’ve still got over 15 years of online journaling going on, but it’s not the same. /sadface