“Pawns” by Magg Dylan


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At the beginning of the year we got together and made another new video for the band Magg Dylan, and the crazy part is it was exactly one year ago that weekend we filmed their last one. Once again they were a pleasure to work with, and the location was really cool. It was cold and got colder, so of course there was those challenges, but when I was whipping smoke bombs onto set I only ate shit and slid into the bushes once. Outside of that, things went great. I was the scenic artist for this set, and the place was cool enough I didn’t have to do much of anything, except I made a big red SUV disappear so that was a fun and new challenge. Did you see it?

So I guess now that we’ve made two videos for them, we might as well go ahead and make a third video. After filming in a prison and then filming in a school bus graveyard, I have no idea where we’d go next. Anywhere but Krog Street Tunnel because that place is about to become it’s own Marvel character, for real.

Anyway… enjoy the video, and if you love their music, get your streams or purchases here.

Looking Back: “Coming Undone”



I started writing up this article about how I quickly jumped into this set (while building a set in the workshop behind this office) and I did up the scenic dressings for this video and then I realized this wasn’t done last year, this was done two years ago. Dude, this pandemic, am I right? Anyways, this is the first time I got to work with the Read twins, and I’ve worked with them both a few times since then (notably in this video). They’re pretty cool and they have a bright future. Sucks I had to teach one of them how to smoke though. I’m a terrible influence.

Check out the video though, it takes me back to my days in the New York Hardcore scene, which was like 100 years ago.

I didn’t get to do any BTS (behind the scenes) photos because if I wasn’t building the set for the overdose scene, I was in a garage building a morgue, so enjoy this one pic I found in a shoebox from that day.

“Defiant” by Kataklysm


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Working on this project was a complete pleasure, and now I’m itching to make a war movie.

Thanks to Scott Hansen and Desiree Connell of Digital Thunderdome Studios for hiring me on for scenic arts and general “get this done” stuff. And thanks to Kataklysm once again for letting us do our thing.

Tara DiPetrillo you’re the best!

Also the rest of the cast and crew were awesome but I’m terrible with names so I’m sorry I didn’t list you. Just know that I’m really looking forward to working with each and everyone one of you once again soon. Also congrats to John Wells , Autumn Read and Steve Gregory Wallenda II for nailing such strong performances.

Fun fact: This small town in Georgia has a treasure trove of amazing locations for making videos like this, but if you think I’m gonna tell you where this place is, you’re nuttier than a Christmas fruit log.

“King of Diamonds” Hits 1 Million Views


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Upon A Burning Body‘s video for “King of Diamonds” hits 1 million views on Youtube and it remains my favourite video I’ve worked on in the past few years. Thanks to everyone for your viewership, and if you weren’t a part of the first million, please be a part of the second million!

Also, if you’re a big fan like me, enjoy this playlist!

An Interview with ROTN Reviews


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Success is a waste of time unless you’re sharing it with other people. Once you get up those first few steps, reach behind you and pull your buddies up. Otherwise, what are you really doing?

I was invited to sit down and talk with Spider Baby the host of Spider Cafe for a long format interview of my career in terms of my growth and transition from theatre to film. I’m not going to spoil the discussion for you, but if you’re into Haunt Attractions and/or horror movies, you’re going to want to check this out. Not only do I talk about how I got where I’m going, I talk about my love of the craft as a horror fan, and I share some of my secrets of success.

Thanks again to the fine folks at ROTN Reviews, and their lovely lovely community.

Looking Back: “Suicide Silence”


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All three parts, here in one window. Enjoy!

Up until my recent work on the feature length film Bad Candy, this was the most epic production I had worked on. Three massive music videos, joined together to tell the narrative of a family’s circle of murder and vengeance. And I got to be a part of it, so that’s awesome!

There’s a lot that happens in these videos, so multiple views are needed to catch all the details I crammed into the backgrounds and sets here. I think my favourite bits involved the fake teeth scattered on the workbench.

A lot of people were involved, and with all that talent in one project, we knew it was going to come out just great. Pretty brutal footage though… which maybe I should’ve said at the beginning, so my apologies if you watched this at work and you just got fired. My bad.

Looking Back: “Nimrod”


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This was another video project where I had such a great and amazing time. It seems like every shoot I do with Digital Thunderdome I’m always having a good time. It’s because it’s such a healthy and positive environment, and there’s always some great opportunity to find some sort of new creative challenge each time. I’m also always lucky to work with a wide range of really talented people too. DTS has strong leadership that builds incredible teams.

Anyways, here’s some behind the scenes footage, more of which you can find in my portfolio over on my website at Bad Seed FX.

There’s quite a bit going on here in the video, but let me tell you a story about the mannequins.

The idea in my head for the video was that the guy in it was a tortured artist, tormented by past relationships. So each mannequin had three screws or nails embedded into their hearts (to represent the Three of Swords tarot card, which signifies hearbreak and personal loss.) Also, each mannequin looks slightly different from each other while keeping the same theme, in order to make them look like an all-girl super-group like Destiny’s Child or TLC.

So that’s my story. Great shoot that resulted in an excellent video. I love how everything turned out, and again I got to carry on the fine tradition of throwing a bunch of fake blood on my half-naked friend out in the cold woods, which I think I ended up doing like six times over the course of the past year.

The Halloween Hangover


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You know how they say the best way to get rid of a hangover is to have a little hair of the dog the next day? Well I’m not letting go of my favourite hoilday just yet, so here’s a little something something. It’s a twelve foot demonic muppet I made out of a couch I found on the side of the road.

Wanna see the entire process from start to finish? Click on the photo!

Speaking of Halloween shenanigans, go hit up my production design website to check out what’s happening over there, as I ramp up to talking about the full length feature film horror anthology Bad Candy that’s currently sweeping awards in festivals around the world. Are you signed up for the email? You should do that, then you’ll be ground floor and front row for it all. Can you dig it? Get in on it now!

“First Train” by Mayday Parade



Ok so I think I’m all caught up posting all the music videos I’ve worked on recently, so this is nice.

I loved this video because it’s cute and wholesome, and it’s got a great anti-bullying message, which I’m always a big supporter of. This is also one of the rare non-horror shorts of done, so as I bonus I get to actually show my daughter what I do for a living. She’s eight now, and recently she’s been kinda side-eyeing me because I keep telling her about all these cool things I’ve been doing but she’s never allowed to see any of it. For a second there she was probably starting to think I was doing something terrible, like getting into politics.


Fun fact: LLamas tried to eat our craft services the first day. We got attacked by bees at the end of the last day. We still conquered nature, big and small.

“Sacrifice” by Uncured


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Catching up on the big stack of neat stuff on my desk, here’s a post to a music video we worked on that was just released. Lots of great looking people in this, and the sound stage was at Silver Scream FX Labs, which if you ever manage to find yourself there, be prepared because not only is it am amazing special effects workshop, but it is without a doubt one of the best museums dedicated to horror I’ve ever seen in my life.

Anyways, enjoy the video, I gotta get back to updating my portfolio and my production design website. Have you seen it recently? There’s a lot going on there. I’m behind by like two videos and a feature film. I’m slaving over a hot keyboard right now.

Fun fact: I’ve got a “blink and you miss it” cameo in this one. Can you find me? Take a screen cap and send it my way and I’ll ship you a one-of-a-kind prop from one of the sets I’ve worked on this year.

From Bad Seed FX via Twitter


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Oh speaking of the mailing list, you should subscribe. You *really* should subscribe. Something big just happened and I can only really describe it as *facemelting*. I’m so excited to share this.

“The Husk” by Rings of Saturn



Speaking of small apps reminding me of stuff I’ve done and also music videos with horror themes, here’s one I was the production designer for a mere five years after that last one I posted about here.

As a matter of fact, I even talked about it in my latest email, and you’d know all about the differences and things in common between both productions if you’re subscribed to it

Oh, and here’s a fun fact: This video came out just as everyone was on their way to raid Area 51. Anyone remember how that went down, or did we all get hit with that memory flashy thing from Men in Black?

Oh hey and if you want to see more pics of this set, visit my production design website at www.BadSeedFX.com.

“When 2 Go” by Sho Tyme



My favourite little app for reminding me of all the cool and weird stuff I’ve done on the internet and in my life over the years just sent me an email and reminded my about this video from six years ago. I was but a wee baby, and this was my first time working on a music video set. The results are… well, it’s a music video, but it was still a lot of fun to do. I got to do my own zombie makeup and then I got headbutted by a really nice guy, so I had that going for me.

It’s pretty cool being able to look back on how I’ve evolved as both a makeup artist and a barely recognizable BG artist music videos. The difference being is now I’m in good company, so I went from videos to a few views a year to a few hundred thousand views a week.

If I could remake this video with what I know how about production…