On Hiring Me

Want to hire me to do something for you?

You’re in luck! I happen to have the time and energy to take your money and do something cool for you with it.

As a production designer I can work in pre-production doing script breakdowns to evaluate the resources and budget needed for your project.

In the same role during production I can manage and maintain any number of crew to help build and create the sets and properties needed for filming.

For examples of my work in that capacity, please visit my production design website at Bad Seed FX.

Also Available For:

Can’t afford to spend money on me but you still want to help out? I have a page for that too!


Alonge Hawes
Blue Collar Hustle (Web Series):
“Working with Jason is both an honor and a pleasure. He has been the consummate professional in both behind the scenes work (camera operation, sound design) as well as in front of the camera as an actor. What I respect most about Jason is that he takes it upon himself to elevate production in any manner needed. He’s the first to ask ‘What can I do to help?’ He also somehow has the knack for the right suggestion and right moment. Jason is more than an asset, he is truly irreplaceable.”

Keith Arace
Forest of Fear (Haunt Attraction):
“…great work ethic and extreme passion for his performance. Takes ideas to a new and exciting level that becomes a catalyst that invokes new emotions amongst the patrons. Acute attention to detail that is painstakingly administered to creating brilliant works of art. Kudos to Jason for his uncanny ability to capture people’s attentions and seize their imaginations.”

Lars Elling Lunde
Forest of Fear (Haunt Attraction):
“In my time working alongside Jason, I was often taken by his enthusiasm and creative problem-solving skills. It’s good to have people with imagination and the technical skills to make ideas work in your team.”