The dream of each artist is to be free to create. The only way to attain such nirvana would be to do what you love, and let what you love put food on your plate. So here’s where I come in and show you how I’d like to pay the bills.

Also, as a bonus, the art you purchase may inspire someone in your life to pursue their dreams as well.

Distance Til Empty

Regular Edition – 49$
Limited Collector’s Edition – 119$

Over the course of five years I have released a series of photography books. After six full volumes were released, a final seventh volume sold for the benefit of artists who lost their works in Hurricane Katrina. Recently, I switched to a new publisher, and in the process, I had to pull the entire collection down from the internet. With the re-release of the series comes revisions, and a binding change. However, this collection is still available.

Posters & Prints


Reproductions of my art and imagery can be found as prints and posters on Society6.



T-shirts and coffee mugs with a mature (or immature) concepts. All available on Zazzle or DeviantArt.