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I’ve been contributing original content to the internet since 1999. Time to enter the new century and update my platform. I’d say “get off my lawn” but let’s be honest, I’m not a very good gardner. I *am* a pretty good artist though, so I got that going for me. (Oh and if you come back here at night you’ve find I also game a lot. I’m terrible at it, but that never stops me.)

There’s also a Youtube live stream if that’s more your thing.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, my career as a production designer for film and video is currently on hold. Unfortunately, my expenses are not being put on hold. So it’s time to turn a few hobbies into cash. Here is where I do that. If you find yourself entertained or educated by my shenanigans here, please consider donating to the cause! A cup of coffee can go a long way.

Ever want to know what’s going through my head or across my desk at any point during the day? Now you can, live at *any* given time. It really is the best way to get in contact with me or see what I’m doing. Just click the Discord logo down below!

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