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An Interview with ROTN Reviews

I was invited to site down and talk with Spider Baby the host of Spider Cafe for a long format interview of my career in terms of my growth and transition from theatre to film. I’m not going to spoil the discussion for you, but

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Looking Back: “Suicide Silence”

A lot of people were involved, and with all that talent in one project, we knew it was going to come out just great. Pretty brutal footage though… which maybe I should’ve said at the beginning, so my apologies if you watched this at work and you just got fired. My bad.

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Looking Back: “Nimrod”

So that’s my story. Great shoot that resulted in an excellent video. I love how everything turned out, and again I got to carry on the fine tradition of throwing a bunch of fake blood on my half-naked friend out in the cold woods, which I think I ended up doing like six times over the course of the past year.

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The Halloween Hangover

You know how they say the best way to get rid of a hangover is to have a little hair of the dog the next day? Well I’m not letting go of my favourite hoilday just yet, so here’s a little something something. It’s a twelve foot demonic muppet I made out of a couch …

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“Sacrifice” by Uncured

Fun fact: I’ve got a “blink and you miss it” cameo in this one. Can you find me? Take a screen cap and send it my way and I’ll ship out a one-of-a-kind prop from one of the sets I’ve worked on this year.

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“The Husk” by Rings of Saturn

Speaking of small apps reminding me of stuff I’ve done and also music videos with horror themes, here’s one I was the production designer for a mere five years after that last one I posted about here. As a matter of fact, I even talked about it in my latest email, and you’d know all …

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“When 2 Go” by Sho Tyme

My favourite little app for reminding me of all the cool and weird stuff I’ve done on the internet and in my life over the years just sent me an email and reminded my about this video from six years ago. I was but a wee baby, and this was my first time working on …

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Zen Moments, Now on Krowface.com

The past few months have been pretty rough. We’re all dealing with a lot of things right now and no matter what we’re dealing with, it’s safe to assume that the deluge of negative energy on social media is absolutely not helping.  I’ve always been a sort of “go with the flow” guy when it comes …

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