Helping Out

Let’s get right to the point. I can’t do this without you.

I will assume that if you’re here, it’s because you love me and you want to help me put my daughter to school, so you’re looking for good ways to do that. Or maybe not, but I’m going to assume the better of the options. I’m going to assume 100% that you’re looking for ways to help me. Otherwise, you wouldn’t’ve clicked that link to this article, right?

I think the best  way to help is by purchasing my artwork. I have a lot to choose from. Booksposters, really wonderful looking t-shirts…. I even have coffee mugs… I go through great pains to make sure the products being shipped are of the best quality I can find. I want to feel assured that the work you’re getting in my name will become cherished family heirlooms. There’s a lot I have to offer; chances are pretty good I have some artwork that calls to you. So please make sure to find the time to get lost in my catalog.

However, if you’re like me, you’re broke. Which makes sense, because I only hang out with poor people. Don’t fret my friend, there is still a way to help.

Help me get my work out there.

Get involved. Talk to me. Even talk *about* me.

Oscar Wilde once said, “the only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.”  I really want to test that theory, but I need your help.

Yes, I said it. I need your help. But I’m not asking for more than what I would ever do for you. And everyone knows, I’m willing to do a lot.  I wouldn’t even ask if it wasn’t for the fact of the matter… that the internet is a hungry fickle monster with ADHD, and we have to start doing more than clicking like buttons. We need to engage each other.

As you can see, there’s this thing about social networking. It doesn’t work unless we all get involved. I’m more than willing to share your pet projects with a few thousand random people (most of whom you probably don’t know), and everyone who knows me knows I’m a sucker for charity work. So if you’ve been watching, I’ve been promoting and sharing everyone’s good deeds and hard work for years. So now it’s your turn, and I’m going to make it as EASY as possible, because if I know one thing about you people, you sure do like it easy.

So if you see something you like, tell me you like it. If you see something you want to share with someone else, share it. If you want to drop hints on your friends and family about up coming holiday shopping, then you do it and don’t let anyone on God’s green earth stop you. If something really grinds your gears, well you bring it. The point is, we need to talk about each other. So let’s do this! I’m tired of talking about myself. Now it’s your turn.

Purchase some merchandise!

Speaking of holidays, everyone knows custom fan art of comic book women are great one-of-a-kind gifts for the loved ones.

Also, I’m a hands-on freelancer . Don’t forget that I want to be hired by someone who needs help. Networking is a great way for each of us to help each other. Another way I can be helped by you is if you visit my site, explore as much as you can, and become familiar with my body of work. You never know when someone out there might need my services. I’d love to know that you’re helping someone else out while you’re helping me out. I’m great to get along with. I’m sure the friends of my friends are your friends. Or the friends of the friends of my fri- you know nevermind that. I’m always looking to help groups with strong desires for social justice. I’m also a sucker for mom and pop businesses that are struggling to keep up.

Sharing content!

Also, I’m a member of a ridiculous amount of social network sites, from twitter, to linkedin, and even an account I’ve had on  deviantart that’s older than the site itself.. If you have an account on any major social media, look for me and drop me a line. I’m super friendly, and I love sharing cool things with the people I meet. If anything, I’m pretty entertaining and sometimes a little educational. Fire away. Just watch out for the rough spiky bits, okay?

Get involved!

The best thing to do, really, is look through my work and make comments. The more we talk about what I’ve been doing, the more we can learn from each other. At first it’ll be cute comments, but then it quickly turns into short intimate interviews. Next thing you know, if you were active in the beginning, you were ground floor before I was rich and famous. And then you’ll have enough to write a book. Hopefully it’s not a book that will destroy my career. How much fun would that be? Wait until I buy you and your mom a Cadillac, then write that book.

So now… where do we start? What’s on the walls of this website that you’d like to discuss or ask about? Contact me below!