Albert Roberts is Fraud and a Coward


Just wanted to point out that if you’re “calling out” someone in an open letter on Facebook, but you have the guy blocked, that just means you’re only crying out for attention. Literally cowardice.

If you really wanted to come catch this hands, you could’ve contacted me directly, you weak bitch. 

Also, you want to beat me up for what? Calling you out for being a scam artist and a fraud? That really only adds credibility to my statement. You poor thing, you act like you know me so well, but you forgot my propensity for screen shots and chat logs.


oh the things i know.

I was going to collect the rest of your posts dating back a year or two where you talked mad shit about me and said a few complete untruths, but I guess one of your handlers was smart enough to warn you to take that shit down. (Or maybe you realized how stupid your campaign looked against me. I mean come on, POG, one like and one share isn’t going to hurt anyone’s career…)

Which is a shame, because I was learning some great stuff about me.

So… guess that’s it.

Unless your bitch ass has more to say, because I can keep going. You’re not that much of a challenge. I can slap the dick out of your mouth pretty easy, especially when it’s mine.