Do you have a creative media project that needs my expertise? Or do you just enjoy my artwork and would like something unique and special for your home? Do you want a lithograph of your cosplay? Do you have roleplaying character you want to see come to life?

All of my commissions are available in two formats (traditional and digital), and in a wide variety of treatments and media. From handpainted collectible art cards, to large fantasy pieces, to the cowl of your P-51 Mustang.

In traditional formats, the client is not limited in terms of media and concept. The smallest I work with is collectable card sized. The largest I work with is life-sized. As for surfaces, I can work on almost any surface, from paper stock, to canvas, to wood and metal. I can also work in most media, including (but not limited to) graphite, ink, and acrylics.

If you decide you want a digital commission, you will receive your piece of artwork either via email, or via secure FTP. You also have the opportunity to receive your commission as a physical high-quality print. Inquire about specific media, such as t-shirts, framed canvas, or skateboard decks.

Please be aware that different media and surface combinations will cause my standard prices to fluctuate.

Project Information

Character Design and Conceptualization: There’s two ways to approach this, you can give me an extremely detailed description of the character (and/or setting) you want, or you can give me some loose details and basic concepts, and you can just cut me loose to do what I do, if you are confident in my judgement. Don’t worry, everyone gets to interact. I’ll be keeping you updated step by step during the process.

Pre-established Characters: I can take your art, clean it up, and re-present it in a neat and professional format. Great if you’re working on a project and you just need a little help visualizing what you’re doing.

Design and Style: I work in a wide range. All the way from loose worked or conceptual-style, anime flavoured to super-shiny comic book style until near-photorealistic. From light-hearted to dark and scary to cute and cuddly to sharp and sexy. You pick the genre, you pick the art style, let me do the rest. It’s all up to you.

Content: You are only limited by your imagination, my abilities, and local applicable laws.

Media, Sizes, & Surfaces

Traditional Images are available for any size up to “life-sized”, in a wide variety of surfaces and medias. Digital work has almost no limits.

Here is a sample of what I work with, as follows:

  • Paper
    Sketch – up to 9×12 50 lb
    Drawing – up to 9×12 70 lb (bright white, medium tooth)
    Premium – up to 11×14 80 lb (cream, medium tooth, non-reflective)
    These choices are good for sketches, roughs and finishes in both graphite and inks.

  • Blue Line Art Boards – up to 10×15 (bright white, ultra smooth)
    This choice is good for all of the above media and more.

  • Canvas
    Custom sizes and mounts are available.
    Please contact me for specific details.
  • Miscellanous
    Wood, metal, vinyl, et al.
    Excellent choices for signage, promotional materials, or bomber nose art.

I also work in a wide variety of media. Graphite pencils, coloured pencils, ink (including washes), grayscale markers, temperas and watercolours, and acrylics. Other medias are formats are available per request.

The Price List –


These are traditional formats which can be emulated in digital formats:

  • Pencils 
    $10 per character ($5 for torso and up).
    An extra $10 for a less detailed background.
  • Inks 
    $15 per character ($10 for torso and up).
    An extra $15 for a more detailed background.
  • Markers 
    $25 for the first character ($15 for torso and up)
    $15 per additional character ($10 for torso work).
    An extra $25 for detailed backgrounds.

This prices are standard for any paper media, from 8.5×11 to 9×12. Half sheets are half-priced and quarter sheets are quarter priced. Please add $10 for work done on art board.

Please contact me with details if you’re looking for specialty surfaces such as acrylics, wood, and canvas.

The Process

I will update you on a regular basis (depending on the complexity of the project) via my personal e-mail. Unless I’m incredibly busy, I’m able to take a screen shot OR a photo of the work as it’s being developed. Do not hesitate to ask.

Shipping and Handling

Shipping will be reflect current market prices, both ground, overnight, and priority. Commissions will be sent in a photomailer or whatever is necessary to discourage bending and is included in the shipping price. If you prefer other methods of delivery, please let me know.


I retain the copyright to the actual art and I reserve the right to display the commissions on my website. If original art is being requested, the original creators will retain copyrights to the characters unless I truly created the characters from scratch and with only minor/vague guidelines from the buyer. Such copyright details will be discussed through e-mail if there is any concern.

I will decline any requests to display commissions on sites other than those belonging to the persons paying for the commission.

This statement may be altered at any time without prior notice. If you’d like to acquire specific copyrights or reproduction rights, please don’t hesitate to inquire during the hiring process.

If you have any questions, concerns, or you’re ready to order, e-mail me at with “COMMISSION” as the subject. Or just use the contact form here:

Bonus: Attention fellow artists, I’m also available for website design.