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Remember how the other day I mentioned going to that men’s prison over and over again for videos? Once you find an amazing location, you kinda want to keep coming back to it? That’s why I keep leaving my car keys at my wife’s house*.

“Enjoy the Silence” features an abandoned factory complex that we’ve filmed at previously for two completely different Kataclysm videos. Surprise! Bet you didn’t know both “Killshot” and “Defiant” were both filmed in the same location! That’s the magic of production design.

Once again thanks to Digital Thunderdome Studios, and Devolution for letting me come do my thing. Also, a big shout out of appreciation to Victoria of Phaneron Creations for her hard work on this.

Great cover of one of my favorite bands, so if you liked this, get ready for their self-titled EP debut coming soon.

*I keep leaving my keys there because I live there, in case anyone was wondering.