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Third time is the charm with that men’s prison as we returned there one more time for another video (the first being for Magg Dylan and the second being for EX DEO) and since there wasn’t much for me to do in the way of production design, I ended up getting wrangled to do a bunch of acting. Unlike my usual “blink and you’ll miss it” cameos, this time I chewed up the scenery while everyone go to see what I’d look like as a corrections officer. Or as a prison guard, if you wanna be a dick about it*.

Once again thanks to Digital Thunderdome Studios, and Rittz for letting me come do my thing.

Anyway… I hope you enjoyed the video, and if you dig his music, he’s on tour! Get tickets now!

*That was a movie reference. 10 points for you if you comment with the title down below.