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At the beginning of the year we got together and made another new video for the band Magg Dylan, and the crazy part is it was exactly one year ago that weekend we filmed their last one. Once again they were a pleasure to work with, and the location was really cool. It was cold and got colder, so of course there was those challenges, but when I was whipping smoke bombs onto set I only ate shit and slid into the bushes once. Outside of that, things went great. I was the scenic artist for this set, and the place was cool enough I didn’t have to do much of anything, except I made a big red SUV disappear so that was a fun and new challenge. Did you see it?

So I guess now that we’ve made two videos for them, we might as well go ahead and make a third video. After filming in a prison and then filming in a school bus graveyard, I have no idea where we’d go next. Anywhere but Krog Street Tunnel because that place is about to become it’s own Marvel character, for real.

Anyway… enjoy the video, and if you love their music, get your streams or purchases here.