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The past few months have been pretty rough. We’re all dealing with a lot of things right now and no matter what we’re dealing with, it’s safe to assume that the deluge of negative energy on social media is absolutely not helping. 

I’ve always been a sort of “go with the flow” guy when it comes to the internet. I go where the conversation takes me, I follow the dialogue, I respond accordingly. I had no idea how much it was wearing me down.

Then my old lady (and I use that term fondly) was able to open my eyes to what was going on, and more importantly what was going on with me, and she challenged me to try something new. So I went with that, and it helped me kinda re-evaluate a few things, and then with being able to see things with much clearer eyes I really got to notice just how bad the constant friction was just sapping the joy and life out of me. 

With these fresh eyes I saw just how bad things were getting. Between that little experiment and some other recent revelations, I put two and two together and realized that not only was there a problem, but that I had the ability to find a solution for it. Things worked for me, and now I’m thinking maybe things will work for you. 

Seriously, how different are we? I don’t think there’s nothing in me you don’t have in yourself. So maybe you also need a break from all the social bullshit? Here’s what I’m proposing… let’s focus on better things. Let’s take this day by day, let’s take it one step at a time. 

Here’s where it all starts…

I’m starting up a new thing. I’m going to take a moment out of each day to sit down, take a deep breath, and then focus on something calm and tranquil. 

And that’s where we’re gonna start. So while I’m doing this, I’m going to invite everyone else along for the ride. Let’s have some quiet moments. Let’s turn the noise down and listen to the crickets. Let’s shut off our phones and stare at the sun and the moon as they chase each other across the sky…

I mean, it’s funny I’m saying let’s do this and then I’m going to ask you to like and follow me on a bunch of apps but the spirit is there. Hey, and who knows? Maybe if enough of us sign up for some wholesome content, it’ll start to drown out the all noise, yeah? 

So here’s me, a content creator, standing in front of a fan, friend, or family member, asking for a bit of your time so I can show you something pleasant and calming and maybe a little beautiful. 

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