Speaking of filmmakers doing odd things while trapped in the house, Taylor Morden, director of the documentary film “The Last Blockbuster” sent out a call for fans around the world to get together and recreate, scene for scene, the entirety of Back To The Future 2 using whatever they had around the house within a week. We got in on it, and we happen to have a small dog and a bunch of socks with googly eyes.

The film drops at 5 pm PST tonight. You can follow Project 88 on Facebook, and watch it here if you’re reading this after the release. We had a blast doing it, and I guess technically it’s the first released project from Bad Seed FX and Alcovy Films, so that’s cute.

Anyways, it’s gonna be out soon, and I got a pizza hydrating in the oven, so I gotta get movin’. Enjoy the show!