Or as I like to call it, “Trimming the hedges to make the castle look bigger.”

“Til The Last One Falls” 2015

So… Facebook somehow allowed me to delete all of my profile accounts as admins of my “Art of Krowface” page, so now there’s no ownership of it. And according to their help-desk (which is about as useful as a truckload of dead rats in a tampon factory,) I have to prove I own it with five notarized documents and government IDs. So I’m just gonna go ahead and grab all the content, and slowly re-release about five years of content on a regular basis on my self-branded FB page. Which I guess is better, being as the art page had about 600+ followers and my self-branded page has about 5,000. 

Outside of that, I just spend six hours deleting depreciated groups and pages, and streamlined everything on that godforsaken platform. I’m down to one private FB account, a public FB account, ten pages, and seven groups.

Basically if I’m going to move forward, I have to get rid of the dead weight. Which is kind of a shame, I feel like my page “The Mooseknuckle Challenge” had some serious commercial potential. Oh well.

Next up, figuring out how to get rid of dead accounts on Twitter and Instagram. If anyone has a trustworthy app or website to help with that, comment below. Thanks!