The Casket Creatures, a horror punk band located here in Atlanta, is just about to release their latest album “Return To Wolfton,” and I was graciously given the opportunity to hear it before it hits the streets. So check out my review below.

The Casket Creatures have amassed a bit of a cult following here in the area, and deservedly so. They’re a solid outfit that plays good ol’ fashioned punk rock, and their albums reflect the same energy they bring to the stage. Their latest is no exception.

With almost every song following the established theme as illustrated by the album cover, intro, and exit track, Return To Wolfton quietly sneaks into the world of rock operas. As a bonus, the album stays true to it’s roots with shout outs to horror imagery such as invading aliens, sewer dwelling clowns, and all sorts of evil and mayhem.

A ‘by the numbers’ project, the work is solidly in the middle lane of all that is horror punk, without it becoming self-parody or formulaic. The album also wears it’s influences on it’s vest and with good reason. Each song is just as good as the one before it, with no sign of weakness on any track. Stand outs include “No One Can Hear You,” “The 13th,” and the memorial song “2 Skulls,” dedicated to the memory of their previous drummer Tony Dinneweth.

So to recap: If horror punk is your thing, this album that deserves a spot in your collection. Available Friday, May 18th, right here.