Near the beginning of November of last year, I was honoured with the opportunity to once again work with one of my favourite people in our industry, Vanessa Ionta Wright, on the set of a PSA spearheaded by world famous twin horror icons, Jen and Sylvia Soska, to raise awareness of our country’s need for blood donations.

It was a long day full of fun and excitement, and I felt like I was extending Haunt season just a little bit because I was in my element as one of the Art PAs. I helped decorate the set and make it look like a terrible explosion happened, and I was also able to fabricate the hero prop and run the foggers for the shoot.

Look out below! Just in time to wrap up February which I like to call “Women in Horror Month” here in my house.

In the meantime, since we’re on the subject, please donate blood. #BeAHero

Then click the “read more” button right here to check out a copy of the film poster, which would look pretty awesome on the background of your fancy little smart phone, right?