Today is the 15th ‘birthday’ of my life as a webmaster/designer. It all started with a pirated copy of Photoshop 4.0, a server sitting in someone’s living room, and a horrific use of neon colours on a black background. I was heavily influenced by the BBSes I was used to, and being lost out in the wild west frontier of the web 1.0, I was heavily influenced by anime fan sites and E/N blogs. I miss those days of E/N, and I’m still a little bitter they ended up being called blogs. But that’s how things have come and gone. I’ve watched this thing grow like a wildfire, I watched the dotcom bubble burst, and I’ve seen the birth of web 2.0. I’ve seen a lot, and I’m glad I’ve been a small part of it.

Wish I could have my small fonts and scan-lines back though.

Anyways, I lucked out being there for the beginning of the internet, and I’ve gotten to watch how it’s changed the world. I’ve also seen how the world has changed it as well. I can’t imagine what’s next, but I also can’t imagine not being a part of it.

It’s been a wild ride. Here’s to the future!