“The Husk” by Rings of Saturn



Speaking of small apps reminding me of stuff I’ve done and also music videos with horror themes, here’s one I was the production designer for a mere five years after that last one I posted about here.

As a matter of fact, I even talked about it in my latest email, and you’d know all about the differences and things in common between both productions if you’re subscribed to it

Oh, and here’s a fun fact: This video came out just as everyone was on their way to raid Area 51. Anyone remember how that went down, or did we all get hit with that memory flashy thing from Men in Black?

Oh hey and if you want to see more pics of this set, visit my production design website at www.BadSeedFX.com.

“When 2 Go” by Sho Tyme



My favourite little app for reminding me of all the cool and weird stuff I’ve done on the internet and in my life over the years just sent me an email and reminded my about this video from six years ago. I was but a wee baby, and this was my first time working on a music video set. The results are… well, it’s a music video, but it was still a lot of fun to do. I got to do my own zombie makeup and then I got headbutted by a really nice guy, so I had that going for me.

It’s pretty cool being able to look back on how I’ve evolved as both a makeup artist and a barely recognizable BG artist music videos. The difference being is now I’m in good company, so I went from videos to a few views a year to a few hundred thousand views a week.

If I could remake this video with what I know how about production…

Zen Moments, Now on Krowface.com


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The past few months have been pretty rough. We’re all dealing with a lot of things right now and no matter what we’re dealing with, it’s safe to assume that the deluge of negative energy on social media is absolutely not helping. 

I’ve always been a sort of “go with the flow” guy when it comes to the internet. I go where the conversation takes me, I follow the dialogue, I respond accordingly. I had no idea how much it was wearing me down.

Then my old lady (and I use that term fondly) was able to open my eyes to what was going on, and more importantly what was going on with me, and she challenged me to try something new. So I went with that, and it helped me kinda re-evaluate a few things, and then with being able to see things with much clearer eyes I really got to notice just how bad the constant friction was just sapping the joy and life out of me. 

With these fresh eyes I saw just how bad things were getting. Between that little experiment and some other recent revelations, I put two and two together and realized that not only was there a problem, but that I had the ability to find a solution for it. Things worked for me, and now I’m thinking maybe things will work for you. 

Seriously, how different are we? I don’t think there’s nothing in me you don’t have in yourself. So maybe you also need a break from all the social bullshit? Here’s what I’m proposing… let’s focus on better things. Let’s take this day by day, let’s take it one step at a time. 

Here’s where it all starts…

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“The Killshot” by KATAKLYSM


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Once again, I was hired by Digital Thunderdome Studios to work on another awesome video for Nuclear Blast Records. This new one has some pretty serious and mature subject matters, so I would warn those of you with weak constitutions to avoid this one.

That being said, it was a great time. The location was great, the team was awesome, and it was nice working with such a high profile and award winning band once again. Crank up the volume and hit play, and as always, if you have any questions, drop them down below!

Normally I’d have an image here, but my “behind the scenes” photography was destroyed by some rogue app or an angry cell phone or something. So instead, enjoy this 15 seconds of ASMR. Which you might need to cleanse the palate after all the blood and violence.

“Graven” by Possessed



Once again my Timehop app chirps out a little reminder that I can post on my blog. This time last year another video I worked on was released, and now here I am sharing it again and adding a short fact or funny anecdote about it.

Fun fact about this one: This video was filmed in three different locations. The performance part with the lead singer Jeff and the footage with Peter Stormare was filmed in Los Angeles, the narrative part was filmed in a small Baptist church in the deep south of Georgia, and the pyro and blood effects were done on a soundstage just outside of Atlanta. I actually replicated the floor of the church for the more gorier of the scenes so that the fake blood wouldn’t stain the hundred year old floor of the property we filmed on.

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