“Graven” by Possessed



Once again my Timehop app chirps out a little reminder that I can post on my blog. This time last year another video I worked on was released, and now here I am sharing it again and adding a short fact or funny anecdote about it.

Fun fact about this one: This video was filmed in three different locations. The performance part with the lead singer Jeff and the footage with Peter Stormare was filmed in Los Angeles, the narrative part was filmed in a small Baptist church in the deep south of Georgia, and the pyro and blood effects were done on a soundstage just outside of Atlanta. I actually replicated the floor of the church for the more gorier of the scenes so that the fake blood wouldn’t stain the hundred year old floor of the property we filmed on.

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“More Blood!” by Heidi Moore



Two years ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed alongside notable horror icons like Chainsaw Sally and Lloyd Kaufman for Heidi Moore’s documentary. Since it’s release it has garnered multiple laurels from all sorts of film festivals across America. I was given the opportunity to talk at length about some of my favourite subjects, and somehow Heidi made me sound like I know what I was talking about.

Initially an OSI platform exclusive, it’s now free to watch on Youtube! So pop some popcorn, grab a seat, and if you’re feeling squeamish you might want to drag a garbage can over to you as well, because today is a great day to learn about the psychology and evolution of gore in horror movies.

“Scary” by Blaine-Omarae



Thanks to one of my favourite little phone apps I get notifications of anniversaries of things I’ve posted on various social media in the past. I also get glimpses into old photographs or notes from past projects.

The funny part is I got one of those while I was sitting here staring at my website and trying to figure out what to post about since it’s been a few weeks since my last blog update.

Okay that’s not even the funny part. The funny part is this time last year I was so busy I forgot to even post this video in the first place. So while the video has been out for a year, this is the first time it’s being premiered here.

I hope you enjoy the video as much as we enjoyed making it. We had a blast that day for sure! Questions? Comments? Drop them in the comments below!

Project 88: Back to the Future Too


Speaking of filmmakers doing odd things while trapped in the house, Taylor Morden, director of the documentary film “The Last Blockbuster” sent out a call for fans around the world to get together and recreate, scene for scene, the entirety of Back To The Future 2 using whatever they had around the house within a week. We got in on it, and we happen to have a small dog and a bunch of socks with googly eyes.

The film drops at 5 pm PST tonight. You can follow Project 88 on Facebook, and watch it here if you’re reading this after the release. We had a blast doing it, and I guess technically it’s the first released project from Bad Seed FX and Alcovy Films, so that’s cute.

Anyways, it’s gonna be out soon, and I got a pizza hydrating in the oven, so I gotta get movin’. Enjoy the show!

Magg Dylan – Delusional


Few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with the fine folks of Digital Thunderdome (okay technically speaking I am one of the fine folks of Digital Thunderdome) on the new video for the band Magg Dylan. They were a total blast to work with, and the location was amazing. It used to be a men’s prison located in the middle of of Georgia until the end of the 90s, it sat abandoned for a few decades, and now it’s about to become a Haunt Attraction, so that’s pretty cool. Check out our work below!

So if you’re a fan of petite women with giant voices, I recommend you play these guys on your favourite streaming platform.