Undertow – Forever May Fall

Another opportunity to make a really cool music video for a bunch of really talented and super nice people. I think my favourite set was the backlit greenhouse room, which I had wanted to film in for months before someone finally saw the treasure hiding in it.

Thank you again to the fine folks of Digital Thunderdome for letting me be a part of this. Oh! Show some love for Forever May Fall while you’re here!


The Forest Hills on ET


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A film I’m currently 1st Camera on is starting to get a lot of attention and I’m here for it.

So that everyone knows Shelley Duvall is in good spirits and happy to be with us!

Thank you to the Writer & Director Scott Goldberg and Producer Elliott Dreznick for having us. It’s also a pleasure working with Scott Hansen of Digital Thunderdome Studio, who’s done no small part of making this film look so insane.

LYLVC – Perfect Drug


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Produced and directed by Digital Thunderdome at The Film Space, I had a blast getting to build 5 different sets for this music video. Also the band was a delight and I’m looking forward to hearing and seeing what’s next from them!

If you’re a fan of this band like I am, like and follow them on Spotify!

Muse – Samantha Van Sickle


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Samantha, who was a co-star of mine in the horror film Bad Candy, came down to Digital Thunderdome’s studio The FilmSPACE and let us help her make her very first video!

It was a lot of fun. Spent the day setting different types of things on fire, and somehow no one got hurt, so that was nice.

If you’d like to stream this song while you’re cruising around town, click this link and choose a platform!

“The Killshot” by KATAKLYSM


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Two years ago today this video was released! Normally i’d repost this with new BTS, but …

Into The Fray

Once again, I was hired by Digital Thunderdome Studios to work on another awesome video for Nuclear Blast Records. This new one has some pretty serious and mature subject matters, so I would warn those of you with weak constitutions to avoid this one.

That being said, it was a great time. The location was great, the team was awesome, and it was nice working with such a high profile and award winning band once again. Crank up the volume and hit play, and as always, if you have any questions, drop them down below!

Normally I’d have an image here, but my “behind the scenes” photography was destroyed by some rogue app or an angry cell phone or something. So instead, enjoy this 15 seconds of ASMR. Which you might need to cleanse the palate after all the blood and violence.

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“Into the Mouth of Eternity” by Satan


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Raise your hand if you know who Satan is!

I’m pretty psyched because I just got to work with them, and right off the bat I want to apologize to not sharing this video when it came out. It flew under my radar and also I’m sure I was out in the middle of woods shooting something scary.

Thank you Satan and Digital Thunderdome Studios for letting me in on the action. One of the best parts of this was making it look like we set my good friend Gloria on fire.

Once again thanks to Digital Thunderdome Studios, and Satan for letting me come do my thing.

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Suicide Silence: The Supercut


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Last year I was hired by Digital Thunderdome Studios as the production designer for a series of three videos for the band Suicide Silence. Combined they told a terrible story of horror and revenge. The director Scott Hansen has released a new version of all three videos, edited together as one narrative, so now its kind of a short horror film, which is awesome. Almost as awesome as using human teeth as set decorations.

“The Abysmal Eye” by MESHUGGAH


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I’ve never been a part of a production that had so much post-production work and such heavy visual effects. Which means I didn’t do much in terms of production design, but that also meant I was on set doing other things, like moving lights around, or moving heavy objects, or waving leaf blowers at actresses while they hang upside down from wires. You know, Hollywood stuff.

Thanks Digital Thunderdome Studios, and MESHUGGAH for letting me come do my thing! Also, thanks for letting me be one of the hooded figures in this one.

Anyway… I hope you enjoyed the video, and if enjoyed their music, there’s a new album coming out!

“Enjoy The Silence” by Devolution


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Remember how the other day I mentioned going to that men’s prison over and over again for videos? Once you find an amazing location, you kinda want to keep coming back to it? That’s why I keep leaving my car keys at my wife’s house*.

“Enjoy the Silence” features an abandoned factory complex that we’ve filmed at previously for two completely different Kataclysm videos. Surprise! Bet you didn’t know both “Killshot” and “Defiant” were both filmed in the same location! That’s the magic of production design.

Once again thanks to Digital Thunderdome Studios, and Devolution for letting me come do my thing. Also, a big shout out of appreciation to Victoria of Phaneron Creations for her hard work on this.

Great cover of one of my favorite bands, so if you liked this, get ready for their self-titled EP debut coming soon.

*I keep leaving my keys there because I live there, in case anyone was wondering.

“Sit There Like A Lemon” by Berried Alive


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This was completely different from what I normally do and it was an awesome experience. Instead of being scary and edgy, this was fun and whimsical. First time as a production designer doing a period piece. And yes, the 80’s are a period. Sorry Boomers. And Gen Xers. And probably Millennials. You all feeling old yet?

Thank you Digital Thunderdome Studios and Berried Alive for letting me come do my thing.

Anyway… I hope you enjoyed the video, and if you dig their music, check out their discography!

“S.O.S.” by Rittz


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Third time is the charm with that men’s prison as we returned there one more time for another video (the first being for Magg Dylan and the second being for EX DEO) and since there wasn’t much for me to do in the way of production design, I ended up getting wrangled to do a bunch of acting. Unlike my usual “blink and you’ll miss it” cameos, this time I chewed up the scenery while everyone go to see what I’d look like as a corrections officer. Or as a prison guard, if you wanna be a dick about it*.

Once again thanks to Digital Thunderdome Studios, and Rittz for letting me come do my thing.

Anyway… I hope you enjoyed the video, and if you dig his music, he’s on tour! Get tickets now!

*That was a movie reference. 10 points for you if you comment with the title down below.