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Or as I like to call it, “Trimming the hedges to make the castle look bigger.”

“Til The Last One Falls” 2015

So… Facebook somehow allowed me to delete all of my profile accounts as admins of my “Art of Krowface” page, so now there’s no ownership of it. And according to their help-desk (which is about as useful as a truckload of dead rats in a tampon factory,) I have to prove I own it with five notarized documents and government IDs. So I’m just gonna go ahead and grab all the content, and slowly re-release about five years of content on a regular basis on my self-branded FB page. Which I guess is better, being as the art page had about 600+ followers and my self-branded page has about 5,000. 

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Be A Hero, Revisited

“Be A Hero” by Vanessa Ionta Wright

Two years ago last weekend I was gifted with the chance to work with  Vanessa Ionta Wright on the set of her PSA “Be A Hero,” which I talked about previously on my blog here. Did you get a chance to see the finished product? It’s still online and available! Check it out after the cut.

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Experimenting with Horror

My latest short film is an experiment in two ways. The first, it’s a “resource driven” project where I wrote a script utilizing only what I had available, limiting myself to expecting to have no budget or access to new props or locations. The second part of the experiment is inviting filmmakers to take the script and allowing them to shoot their own version of it.

We’re currently in post-production and will have this out soon. Until then, if you would like to be part of the experiment, please visit the page on my FX site, read up on what I’m doing, and then download the script.

Good luck everyone, you’re gonna need it.

New Year, New Website

My work as a production designer has amassed so many credits this year that my portfolio has outgrown this website. The website is now finished, and I’ll be premiering it next week. That being said…

If you’d like to get an exclusive first look at the new BadSeedFX website before the official grand opening, sign up for the my mailing list and you’ll be the first in line to see the “soft release” as it happens TODAY.

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