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Malengine 5150: Greatest Hits

This is the “best of” collection for the music project Malengine 5150. 10 tracks* of critically reviewed pieces culled from the entire discography released over the course of 13 years.

*Includes a bonus 11th track “The Rabbit Lives.”

“Forging Greatness”

Just as a head’s up for anyone involved in any project for no reason but because I’m a part of it. While I am still the founder and one of the owners of Mjolnir Software, I am not involved in their daily operations, nor have I been in any way responsible for anything they’ve been up to since the holidays (wow just before my birthday). So if they’re your bag, I hope they’re treating you well and the good luck to the lot of ya.

Just wanted to make sure everyone knew what’s up.

Here’s to the future!

P.S. For the record, I’d like to say that I worked along some really talented people, and I learned a lot while I was with them.



Krowface.TV now online!


Openly broadcasting the collision of gaming and design as it happens LIVE from my desktop.

Currently hosted on Twitch.TV, I’m embracing the new year by putting myself out there and letting the world watch over my shoulder while I work and I play. Watch me struggle to learn new art programs between sessions of *really* clumsy gaming. I’m also taking requests, and I’m looking for new games to play, especially betas from indie developers. So get in here and help me out. Let me know what you’d like to see.

(Rated 18+ for Mature Content: I curse a lot.)


Tune in, game on, and speak up.

Back in the Saddle… now in 3D.

Back of head

Setting up the new PC was easy. Software installation… not so much. I would’ve been done faster if I hadn’t installed my opening suite in the wrong drive (oh Ninite why you no let me change install drives?) and I would’ve been right to work much faster if my internet connection was fast enough to install the other suites I needed to update. The internet connection is a serious problem here, and it’s unacceptable. I’d go into a rant, but let’s just say it doesn’t sound right when I can see the beautiful skyline of a major city from my front porch, but it takes WEEKS for someone to show up at my door with a modem.

Anyways, before I go any further with that. Here’s a quick turntable video as I stretch my legs with the new equipment and the new tools. I’m so satisfied with my work environment. Just a few more changes here physically and in software and I’ll be pumping out some crazy things. Until then, here’s the video:

If you’d like to see more of my work with 3D design, I happen to have a gallery here. I’ve seen a few workspaces, so I’ve done a few odd things… I loved Terragen, and ask me about Bryce and my “balls on the ocean” series.

Building my New PC



Posting this photo reminds me to go play Skyrim.

For the first time in over a decade, I pulled the trigger on the purchase of a brand new desktop PC. This will be the first time in as long as I can remember in which I will have a rig that is absolutely fresh out of the box and unowned 100% in every way possible. The long line of bashing together a system from scavenging has ended. Which is funny, because I think I might still have a soundcard or NIC that’s older than your mother. Anyways, with my current pile of responsibilities and my greatly deepened skill-set, it was time to upgrade my tool box. Goodbye “Grimlock”, and hello “Galvatron”.

The products, still in their packaging.

So, without further introduction, here’s the hardware:

  • Biostar Intel LGA1155 Z77 Chipset ATX 2600MHz DDR3 Memory Motherboard [TZ77XE3]
  • Intel Core-i5 3350P Quad-Core Processor 3.1 Ghz 6 MB Cache LGA 1155 [BX80637i53350P]
  • Crucial Ballistix Sport 8GB Kit (4GBx2) DDR3 1600 MT/s (PC3-12800) CL9 @1.5V UDIMM 240-Pin Memory [BLS2CP4G3D1609DS1S00]
  • Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 OC 2GB GDDR5 PCI-Express 3.0 DVI-I/DVI-D/HDMI/Displayport SLI Ready Graphics Card [GV-N660OC-2GD]
  • Seagate Barracuda 1 TB HDD SATA 6 Gb/s NCQ 64MB Cache 3.5-Inch Internal Bare Drive [ST1000DM003]
  • Intel 330 Series Solid-State Drive 60 GB SATA 6 Gb/s 2.5-Inch – [SSDSC2CT060A3K5]
  • Seasonic 80Plus Power Supply [M12II 620 BRONZE]
  • Fractal Design Define R4 Cases, Black Pearl (FD-CA-DEF-R4-BL-W)

Build and installation was intimidating at first, because this was my first time with the newest architecture, however industrial design has come a *long* way, and assembly and installation was actually easier than I remember it being a long time ago.

Boot up was mostly painless, mostly because Windows always likes to put up a fight in the first few days. Only draw back is I now have a small box of useless tech because it isn’t supported by Microsoft anymore, and I refuse to spend quality time looking for drivers for an old webcam.

Quality tools mean things get done faster, and things get done right, and here are the results.



In a little bit I’ll be back with my impressions about the change, and I’ll throw in some screenshots of some of the beautiful stuff I’m going to see happen. Maybe even a video or two if we’re lucky. Who wants to watch me play video games? I promise it’s pretty exciting. I’m not all ride horses and pick flowers all day long or anything…

Okay well I’ll try not to do that to everyone. Even if I’m one of the few people that understands the true face of warfare.

Planetside 2

First day with the new gun.

Later I’ll talk more about my battle-station and how it’s set up, as well as a guided tour of all the dumb stuff scattered around my desk, if glow in the dark zombie clowns are your thing. Which, if you’re reading this, it probably is. However, if you’re reading this, you might also dig my “desktop screenshots” from over the years.

P.S. I’d like to thank the fine community of /r/buildapc over at Reddit for their assistance, as well as my friend Rob for help with SSD and VM support, and the guys at Mjolnir for teasing the shit out of me and my low baud potato. I’d also like to thank my brother Justin for helping me out with acquiring Grimlock in the first place, and as always thanks to my Mom because she’s awesome.

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