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“The Crucible” Game Advertisement

The Crucible

Not quite your stereotypical commercial, I’m not sure what else to call it. This minute-plus video showcases some of the new additions to Mjolnir Software’s originally free-to-play release “The Crucible.” It’s soothing and relaxing, even as tons of rock are threatening to crush your little ship. Or if you shoot your guns to much you overheat and explode. But it’s done… gently. Or at least painlessly and that’s about the same, right?

This new version has more pew-pew and more loud noises, so not only is it more fun, but now I can actually beat the thing. Do you know how embarrassing it is produce a game you can’t even play well? Okay… it’s not embarrassing at all and it’s still pretty cool.

Anyways, a lot of hard work from a lot of talented and dedicated people went into this. So please watch it, share it, and let us know if you want to be put on a list of some sort so we can tell you all when it’s released out into the wild.

Oh hey, and while I was in there setting up the website to showcase the commercial, I also went in there and gave it a new fresh coat of paint. Because I can’t be content to leave well enough alone, and I like to give the people what they want. And what they want is a background full of stars and chillstep music to listen to while they stare at it. So head over there and check it out.


Presskit for DJ D Rock


Just recently I was approached to design a new press-kit for internationally recognized DJ “D Rock”. My goal was to reinforce the idea of “NYC’s most wanted” by using an Art Deco theme. I kept to a more aggressive colour pallete in order to heighten a sense of action and danger, without attaching any obvious violent imagery, keeping it a more inclusively accessible piece of media.

We ended up with a design that felt like metropolitan royalty, and reinforced the idea of how demand can breed luxury.

Oh hey and if you’re into this sort of mixing and turntablism (good old fashioned dance house stuff really), go check out that QR on the flier. It’s the real deal. Otherwise, just click this link to his press-kit sample over on SoundCloud.

Thanks to DJ D Rock and Bobby Brace for the opportunity. It was a pleasure.

P.S. If you’d like to see more of my design work, please check out my gallery. Also, no matter how busy I am, I can always find time for people who need my services, especially if they’re in crisis mode.

Version 14 is now Live!

Thinking ahead
Thinking ahead

Thinking ahead

And I guess without further ado, everyone is now looking at the newest redesign of my website.

This may have taken longer than it should have. I spent so much time getting so deeply involved in the projects in front of me, I wasn’t able to find the time to adequately tighten up my website. It was a project that was turning into one of those “two steps forward one step back” routines and I’m honestly not that good of a dancer.

Just as I’d be ready to sit down and finish up the last endgame of some project, someone else’s bright idea would come around looking for me. I’ve gotten good at dodging.

Then of course something else crazy would happen when I wasn’t looking, like a death or a flat tire. Or both at the same time…

However, “hold fast” and all that, right?

So I guess that’s about it. Not sure what else to say about the new design. The majority of the work this time around was all back end stuff. I have had to do a crazy amount of SEO work in the background, and I’d love to show you all of these graphs, but I really don’t know what they mean. I like drawing little people in roller coasters riding up and down them.

Careful deliberation on what I wanted to offer as content pretty much demanded I set up this magazine style. I wanted to do something that was both professional and elegant in order to properly say goodbye to any future involvement in some of the art I used to do. Most notably, I wanted to present one final look at both my music and my photography, and I’m hoping this new design helps to encapsulate everything into one cohesive theme.

Did it work? Let me know. Feedback does wonders for everyone.

Pic is only slightly related, I was sandboxing and stumbled into a design I might really like setting up. Purple and dark grey is nice, but I’m thinking orange and silver…

Design Project: “Of Sound and Fury”

Of Killing Time

For the 13th anniversary of my blog, I elected to redesign my website. I decided to challenge myself by seeing how far into the rest of the internet I can make a singular site’s design reach using shared codes and graphics.

My goal with this project was to create a suite of websites hosted in different locations that followed the same rigid design concept. Each site had different limits and allowances for their end-users theme and design changes, so the key was finding the “lowest common denominator” amoungst them all.

If you’d like to know more about this project, please visit my portfolio review of it, hosted by Behance.

Sound and Fury

Sound and Fury



Retired Headers

Haunt Technology

In order to celebrate the 13th year of my website, I banged out a quick redesign. And while change is good, I sometimes hate to see things go. My favourite part of last year’s design was the rotating headers I designed to represent each different part of the website. And being as I can’t let go of stuff like that, I’m going to go head and make a page for it. So here they are. Enjoy the carousel.

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