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Malengine 5150: Greatest Hits

This is the “best of” collection for the music project Malengine 5150. 10 tracks* of critically reviewed pieces culled from the entire discography released over the course of 13 years.

*Includes a bonus 11th track “The Rabbit Lives.”

“Forging Greatness”

Just as a head’s up for anyone involved in any project for no reason but because I’m a part of it. While I am still the founder and one of the owners of Mjolnir Software, I am not involved in their daily operations, nor have I been in any way responsible for anything they’ve been up to since the holidays (wow just before my birthday). So if they’re your bag, I hope they’re treating you well and the good luck to the lot of ya.

Just wanted to make sure everyone knew what’s up.

Here’s to the future!

P.S. For the record, I’d like to say that I worked along some really talented people, and I learned a lot while I was with them.



Live Art Demonstration @ Livestream!

This Mug is Evil

Yes, that’s right, a live broadcast. I’m going to pretend I don’t suffer from performance anxiety and I’m going to do a *live* broadcast as I paint something. It’s all digital work, so there’s no need to be afraid of permanent staining in case I freak out and I knock over my workstation.

Anyways, if you’d like to tune in, feel free to do so over at Livestream. I’ll be starting the broadcast at 9pm EST tonight. Stop in, stare awkwardly, and speak up and if you have a question. I don’t really talk much during these, but at least I’ll take music suggestions if the radio needs changing.

Thanks, and see you over there!

The Dead Alexis Series


“… sometimes apologies are not enough, and sometimes forgiveness is not enough. Sometimes you need to accept the fact that this avenging angel is not about being fair, or being just, or being right. Sometimes we need to know that for every criminal trespass we create… someone is going to come back around and show us we’re not only doing it wrong, but we’re a bunch of weepy children playing an empty stupid game. Somewhere in the pit of this horrible desire of justice pushed up against a few decades of thoughtless hate, something horrific is going to come back up, and it’s going to show us something. It’s going to show us that we’re pure amateurs. We’re going to be blown out of the water and out of our skulls….”

To celebrate my new schedule of monthly writing releases, Im be picking one of my favourite characters to start this off. For the next few weeks I’m going to re-release the entirety of my  Dead Alexis collection. After that, at least once a month I’ll start posting a new story on a regular basis. Can I pull this off for a full year? It’s only 12 stories, and I have hundreds of them up here in my brainmeats.

Starting this spring, and for the few weeks after that, find out more about Dead Alexis: the Angel of Retribution. (For behind the scenes info about this project, get on my mailing list!)

Oh hey and if you’re curious, I’ve got the next few writing and broadcasting projects now listed on my schedule of events page. You know, if you’re that type.

Krowface.TV now online!


Openly broadcasting the collision of gaming and design as it happens LIVE from my desktop.

Currently hosted on Twitch.TV, I’m embracing the new year by putting myself out there and letting the world watch over my shoulder while I work and I play. Watch me struggle to learn new art programs between sessions of *really* clumsy gaming. I’m also taking requests, and I’m looking for new games to play, especially betas from indie developers. So get in here and help me out. Let me know what you’d like to see.

(Rated 18+ for Mature Content: I curse a lot.)


Tune in, game on, and speak up.

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