About the Artist

photographed by kate

@ West Philly, 2012

I owe everything I am as an artist to graphic novels. I learned how to read because of Warren Comics. As an artist, my teachers were people like Frank Frazetta, and my classroom was Heavy Metal Magazine.

Born and raised in New Jersey during the 80′s, I was an incorrigible hell-raiser as a child, but back then they called it “gifted and talented”. Later, I cleaned up my act and eventually found myself on the other side of the country riding the dot-com wave.

Since then I’ve found myself traveling across the country,  taking photos of abandoned structures, and painting girlie art. From the beginning I was destined to be a creative. Through the years I have been driven by the challenge of self-expression. Never settling on any one specific area of development, I became a multi-talented creative. I’ve turned into a walking media development lab. I challenge the process to seek improvement.

Somewhere outside of Joplin, Missouri

After ten years of traveling the majority of the United States, I devoted some time to set-design and fabrications for Haunt attractions and I had a wonderful time as a fire-arms dealer for a while. After the economic downturn effected my local-local economy, I elected to move to Philadelphia and enroll into college.

Currently, I’m seeking my Bachelor’s in Theatre Design. Afterwards, I will be pursuing my Master’s in Museum Exhibition. In the meantime, I founded a software development company. Then I created another software company.

My career goal is to open a museum. My life goal is to be a good person. Sometimes I mix things up by making bad choices, but that’s what builds character. The most important lesson? One should never take themselves too seriously, and one can never take what they love seriously enough.

I’m a published photographer, a retired fire performer, a special effects fabricator, a DJ, a musician, and when the moon is full, I’m a Doctor of Journalism. I’m an ordained minister, and I <3 the Constitution. I believe that nonsense is our salvation. I also believe we should try to be nice to each other. Even if that means being a jerk once in a while. I’m a gracefully aging punk rocker, a warrior poet, an egomaniac with a low self-esteem, and an angry citizen. I also make sure to open the door for my date. Next up, fatherhood. Piece of cake. -Jay

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