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Liberty Wall


“Everything just kept snowballing pretty quickly. Bad things everywhere.

After a weekend of bunks emptying, people got the message. A lot of us felt the whole cut-off thing was only temporary, and eventually cooler heads prevailed and we could start agreeingthat even if we couldn’t check our emails every day, it was better than not having a job anymore. I got worried when I started hearing rumours about outbursts and FoodCards suddenly just not working for a day or two. Even at HomeSec’s worst though, they’re not going to starve people.We were Americans. They would never let us go hungry.

Then again, after the very last State of the Union address we had, the one that started ThePanic, I really don’t put anything past them anymore. Once a government hits murder, then nothing is off the table anymore.”

- Excerpt from Liberty Wall

The seed for this short story was created during a semi-polite political argument over dinner one day back in 2005, where I was enjoying a short series of fine Martinis and discussing the idea of domestic isolationism. She had argued that the best way to keep us safe was to close the borders. My concern was if we closed the borders, we couldn’t get out anymore.

I would come back to this discussion every once in a while as I see more and more evidence of really scary things happening here in the political sphere in the US. Regardless of what political bent you have, the fact of the matter is this country has changed a lot over the years. I’m not making a statement with this story about what side of the fence I’m on (or maybe I am, if you’re that type of reader, and that’s okay too), I’m just trying to figure out what’s right here in front of me.

I’ve been told that this world I’ve written about is worth revisiting. And since I’ve been paying attention to what’s going on over the years, and I’ve had a few sleepless nights about it all, I’m sure I could continue this story. I’m just not sure how far down this path I want to look. I’d honestly write about zombie swarms or fistfights on hot air balloons. And while I love a story that takes place in a grim meathook future, I’m not sure if I can take myself seriously enough to pursue the idea of writing more dystopia speculative fiction.

Then again, maybe I have too.

Here’s the new and final version of my story “Liberty Wall”. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you vote in November.

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