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NightRaid: A Winamp Skin

Over on reddit, a user posted a link asked “anyone else remember skinning this?” The link was to a screen shot of the default user interface for Winamp. Winamp is one of the older and more popular of the mp3 players. I recommend it for the visualization library and the tagging and reburning features alone.

I love those animated buttons

I’m a big fan of UI design. It’s fun to do in website design because you’re free to do anything with very little in the way of limitations. However, sometimes it’s a lot of fun to work under practical constrictions. It causes a person to have to really push themselves and see how far they can get away with.

Over the course of a few months, I designed and released three skins. Two of them were shared on, and two were released to critical acclaim over on DeviantArt.

Hooray! FireStorm Industries

Nothing like "Happy Hour" at the burn ward.

Congratulations to my fire performance troupe for another full year without any serious show-threatening accidents. Here’s hoping for more for next year… Here’s a promotional project from the beginning of the season.

Also, we’re currently looking to book places. If you’ve got a party, event, or gallery that needs some stupid human tricks, you know where to go.

Loki’s Workshop: Postcard

Designed as a last minute emergency replacement for Loki’s Workshop’s appearance in Fangoria, it was shelved for future use. This design will be used in Loki’s next ad campaign, which includes releasing to another magazine, and will also be used for their first print media campaign. More than likely this will also be released as bonus content on their website shortly.

Just sent off to the printers, in glorious CMYK format.

Postcards from Hell

Done as a way of a quick high five to the rest of the Haunt Industry, this work is an homage to a shared influence. I think a large majority of those in the scene were  fundamentally and permanently altered by the low-brow genius of pulp horror, especially in graphic novel media.

Fans of this should contact me via e-mail or throught this site with their name and address as soon as possible. There might be some Halloween magic in it for you.

Sorry, offer ended. Look out for the next one.

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