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…on the cover of a Fangoria.

Loki's Workshop

Growing up as a kid, I was raised on comic books. I don’t just mean the standards like DC or Marvel. I learned how to read lost in the pages of ¬†Warren Publishing. Conan, Red Sonya, Vampyrella, Creepy. The tabloid-sized world of high fantasy and 70′s occult.

As such, dreams were born. A child dreamed of legend. A young man believed the attainable. “One day,” he thought to himself as he stared at the Metal Hurlant posters tacked to the wall, “one day my art will grace these pages.”

Well, unfortunately, my dreams outlasted the publishing company, but I never let go of those moments. Also, sometimes a path isn’t a straight line.

So, where there isn’t Uncle Creepy, there’s always those monster movie magazines. And hey, when I wasn’t reading those funny books, I was sneaking into the living room late at night and watching scary movies.

Thanks Fangoria!

So yeah. Chalk this one up as a victory. A veritable milestone in my career.

Thanks to everyone who helped out. I’ll make sure to spare you all when the first wave of zombies hit.

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